participants at Table Rock, PlumasIn August, 2014, the BLM Hollister Field Office hosted a training workshop that was held at UC Santa Cruz on Saturday, and at BLM Coastal Dairies land on Sunday.

workshop participants at Palm SpringsParticipants in the July, 2014, volunteer training workshop held at the Los Padres National Forest.

Cleveland National Forest participantsParticipants in the June 2014 volunteer training workshop for the Eldorado National Forest.

Cleveland National Forest participantsNew site stewards from the June 2014 volunteer training workshop for the Sierra District of California State Parks.

Shasta-TrinityWorkshop participants at Indians Ranch in the Monterey Ranger District, Los Padres National Forest in April, 2013.

We thank site steward Jorge Aguilar for sharing the spreadsheet that he uses to keep track of his volunteer hours.

CASSP is the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, where trained volunteers work with professional archaeologists to protect archaeological and historical resources by regularly visiting sites and recording changes. CASSP is a program of the Society for California Archaeology (SCA).

In order to become a CASSP volunteer, you must attend a two-day, training workshop (see how to join). Pre-registration must be made by e-mail, mail, or phone as soon as possible, but no later than the Monday before the workshop (see registration). The volunteer training workshop fee is $25 per person. Attendance usually is limited to 25.

small marker(updated July 31, 2014) Thank you to the OHMVR Division of California State Parks for awarding a grant to Pacific Southwest Division of the USFS (California) to help fund CASSP activities next year. More information about CASSP partners. Because of this commitment from our partners, there will be more volunteer training workshops, advanced training, and volunteer support activities into 2015.

small marker(updated March 2, 2015) There will be at least 6 new workshops in 2015. We will schedule locations and dates of these workshops when the grant paperwork is completed, which should be soon (in March 2015). For more information, please contact the CASSP coordinators, Beth and Chris Padon.

small marker(updated March 17, 2015) The US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Regional Office is please to announce the opportunity for public review and comment on its preliminary grant application for site stewardship under the OHMVR Division, Education & Safety. A PDF copy of this grant application (16 pages, project number G14-02-S01) is available here. Written comments on this grant application can be sent to California State Parks OHMVR Division, 1725 23rd Sreet, Sacrament, CA 95816, Attention: Grants Manager. Or go to the OHMVR Division website at <> and follow the on-line public comments instructions. Your critical review and comments are very important because they give us the chance to revise and clarify our grant application, which will increase the chances of receiving funds for CASSP for next year. All comments must be received by April 6, 2015. Please contact the CASSP coordinators if you have any questions.