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Archaeologists describe artifacts during the field trip part of the training.

CASSP is the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program. It recruits and trains public volunteers to help protect archaeological and historical sites by making repeated visits to assigned sites and report on their conditions. Volunteer site stewards work under the supervision of the archaeologists who work at the land management agency where the sites are located.


Since 1999 , we trained hundreds of volunteers at CASSP workshops. Last year, we changed the format, but kept the contents. Now, CASSP workshops combine online and in-person training over two separate days.

On April 30, we will present a free, one-day webinar with lessons in local archaeology, safety, cultural resource awareness, Native American perspectives, and preservation laws. At later dates, we will conduct a second day of training at several locations across the State. Each one will consist of a field trip to one or more sites to inspect their conditions and record our observation, just as site stewards do.

Each workshop day requires a separate registration. The webinar is free. The field training requires a confidentiality agreement about site information, and a $25 workshop fee. Make a reservation by sending an e-mail to Beth or Chris Padon at