Arcata classroomAt the field trip training, new site stewards learn map reading and other skills.

Archaeologists describe artifacts during the field trip part of the training.

CASSP is the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program. It recruits and trains public volunteers to help protect archaeological and historical sites by making repeated visits to assigned sites and report on their conditions. Volunteer site stewards work under the supervision of the archaeologists who work at the land management agency where the sites are located.


Since 1999, CASSP has trained hundreds of volunteers. This year, CASSP provides a two-day, pilot workshop that combines online and in-person training. On October 23, CASSP presented a free, one-day webinar with lessons in local archaeology, safety, cultural resource awareness, and preservation laws. More than 70 people participated—more than ever attended a previous workshop.

If you attended the October 23 webinar and you want to become a volunteer site steward, then please attend the second day of training (which consists of a field trip to one or more sites at one of the available locations), sign a confidentiality agreement about site information, and pay a $25 workshop fee. Contact Beth or Chris Padon at for a reservation and more information.

CASSP will offer another training workshop webinar in April, 2022. It will follow the same format as the October webinar. We'll provide more details in January, 2022.